Teachers — different roles: advanced, average & slow adopters

School principals, IT coordinator, others playing import scaling up functions, teachers, students

Project leaders, could include principals. Anyone else whose role include leadership/coordination of project

Policy makers, EDB officers (both those in the IT in Education section and others having impact on T&L, e.g. inspectors, subject-based curriculum development officers)


Teachers’/students’ informal structures

School IT coordination team, staff meeting, staff development day, subject panel, year level staff meeting, timetabling committee, etc.

Project level coordination/steering team, cross-school support structures, etc.

Policy advisory/consultation committees, regional advisory and inspection structures, EDB officers’ responsibilities and routines related to policy implementation

Interactions mechanisms

Lesson co-planning, peer observation of teaching, curriculum decision-making

e-Learning evaluation, planing for e-Learning implementation/support/staff development, seek community support

Project planning & evaluation, organize joint-school activities liaison with government & private sector form support, etc.

Policy documents, large-scale implementation events (e.g. briefing/training events for schools), inspection visits, consultations/liaison meetings, etc.